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The Friesenhahn Update
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This is our opportunity to let you know what is coming in the future for our family!

WE HAVE A NEW BABY ON THE WAY!!!....but it's not ours. My brother Jon-Mark and sister-in-law Carrie Williams are 5 weeks pregnant! She is due around the end of Feb.


Pearl Friesenhahn---June 20
Joseph Ingvarsson--June 14

Birthday cake

4th--celebration at the lake!!


June 14---Joseph Ingvarsson was born!!!
June 18---Gugga from Iceland comes to Texas to visit!
July 4th---At the lake house for a celebration
July 12----Daisy's 14th birthday!!
August 8--Lisa Williams birthday
August 9--Lovisa & Jeff Rood's wedding anniversary
September 9--Lovisa's Birthday
October 17----Socker's 1st birthday
November 1--Brad Williams Birthday
December 23-Pauline Gudbjartsson's birthday
December 26-Jon-Mark's birthday

Illustration: Fourth of July fireworks

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