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The Friesenhahn Update
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Please pray for the following requests from family and friends in your prayers!


The Ingvarsson family>>they just had their second child on June 14, 2004. Please pray for their wellness.

My uncle Steve who was diagnosed with pneumonia last week.

The Volcansik family. Dudly (father) got a new job but will be leaving for Baghdahd on friday 07/09/2004. Please pray for his safety and the family while he is away.

Lauren's hand as she is recovering from a flair with her tendonitus

The wife of the civillian man Paul who was killed while volunteering for the U.S. military.

All US soldiers and their families that God guide their hands and to keep them strong.

The widow of the husband and 2 children who drown in fort worth at the water gardens, that God may give her strength to perservere. That she know that many people are praying for her.


Please email prayer requests to:
Also please title the email "prayer request"

Candle surrounded by poinsettias